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Post-Pandemic: How are You Changing Your Strategy for Digital Transformation in Clinical Trials?

RECORDED: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: Oracle Health Sciences

Untangling the Knot of Complexity in Master Protocols: A Deep Dive into Seamless Adaptations in IRT

RECORDED: SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: Almac

Redefining Patient Engagement with Patient Registries

RECORDED: JULY 27, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: Medidata

Evolution of Risk-Based Monitoring with Growth of Decentralized Clinical Trials

RECORDED: JULY 20, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: ThoughtSphere

Hindsight 2020: Evaluating Decentralization and Clinical Supply Chain Trends

RECORDED: JUNE 22, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: Suvoda

How Hyperautomation supports value creation in the clinical space

RECORDED: MAY 5, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: Appian

Best Practices for Managing Investigator Sponsored Trials

RECORDED: APRIL 29, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: 4G Clinical

Enrolling a Global Study Ahead of Schedule (During a Pandemic)

RECORDED: APRIL 14, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: Reify Health

Real-World Data & AI for R&D in Autoimmune and Chronic Diseases

RECORDED: MARCH 25, 2021 Program | Sponsored by: OM1

How sponsors can leverage community sites to increase enrollment speed and patient access

RECORDED: FEBRUARY 18, 2021   Program | Sponsored by: Inato

Utilize Real World Evidence for More Efficient Trials in a Regulatory Setting

RECORDED: DECEMBER 9, 2020Program | Sponsored by: Acorn AI


AI in R&D – Reimagining the Data Science Lifecycle and Portfolio

RECORDED: NOVEMBER 5, 2020Program | Sponsored by: ZS


Emerging trends in the expanded use of RWE across the life sciences industry. Where is the industry going?

RECORDED: OCTOBER 22, 2020Program | Sponsored by: Deloitte


Improve Virtual Site Engagement — The New AE — Attention & Engagement

RECORDED: OCTOBER 1, 2020Program | Sponsored by: ScienceMedia


Advancing Clinical Trial Efficiencies through New Technology

RECORDED: OCTOBER 1, 2020Program | Sponsored by: NNIT


Optimizing Efficiency and Effectiveness with a Data-Driven Clinical Trial Management System

RECORDED: SEPTEMBER 24, 2020Program | Sponsored by: Medidata


How Five COVID-19 Technology Innovations are Reducing Risk in Clinical Trials

RECORDED: AUGUST 5, 2020Program | Sponsored by: Medidata


Embracing Digital Clinical Trials Today: Increase Patient Engagement, Enable More Seamless Recruitment, and Achieve Better Outcomes

RECORDED: AUGUST 4, 2020Program | Sponsored by: Deloitte


No One Left Behind: Addressing Clinical Trial Access and Issues Blocking Physician Participation

RECORDED: JUNE 25, 2020Program | Sponsored by: Teckro


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