SCOPE 2025 Meet the Team

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Thank you for being a part of our community! SCOPE in the US and Europe are successful because of the PEOPLE involved, both from your team and from ours. Meet our amazing team who make these events happen. We wanted to add some faces to names:

SCOPE Conference Directors

Micah Lieberman Micah Lieberman

Micah Lieberman
SCOPE Team Lead
Participant Engagement Award

Marina FilshtinskyMarina Filshtinsky

Marina Filshtinsky
Decentralized & Hybrid
Digital Health Technologies
Real World Evidence
AI for Clinical Trials

Bridget Kotelly Bridget Kotelly

Bridget Kotelly
Patient-Centric Trial Design & Inclusive Research
Feasibility & Study Start-Up
Recruitment & Engagement
Site Engagement & Enablement
Biomarkers & Precision Medicine Trials

Kaitlin Kelleher Kaitlin Kelleher

Kaitlin Kelleher
Budgeting & Resources

Mary Ann BrownMary Ann Brown

Mary Ann Brown
Clinical Supply

Eileen Murphy Eileen Murphy

Eileen Murphy
Small & Mid-Size Biopharma Strategies
Investor Conference: Clinical Trial Venture, Innovation & Partnering

Iris Goldman Iris Goldman

Iris Goldman
Quality & Monitoring

Erin KadelskiErin Kadelski

Erin Kadelski
SCOPE Project Manager
Faculty Relations

SCOPE Business Development and Exhibits

Ilana Quigley Ilana Quigley

Ilana Quigley
Companies A – E

Katelin Fitzgerald Katelin Fitzgerald

Katelin Fitzgerald
Companies F – J

Jon Stroup Jon Stroup

Jon Stroup
Companies K – T

Patty Rose Patty Rose

Patty Rose
Companies U – Z

Ryan Kirrane Ryan Kirrane

Ryan Kirrane
Best of Show Award

SCOPE Client Relations

Josh KadisJosh Kadis

Josh Kadis

Onsite Registration

SCOPE Registration

Melissa DolenMelissa Dolen

Melissa Dolen
Group Registrations

SCOPE Exhibitor Support

Shannon Kresge Shannon Kresge

Shannon Kresge
Sponsor & Exhibitor

SCOPE Marketing and Media

Rich Handy Rich Handy

Rich Handy
Marketing Lead
Media and Association Partnerships

Bethany Gray Bethany Gray
Product Marketing

Jim Prudhomme Jim Prudhomme

Jim Prudhomme
Product Marketing

Deb Borfitz Deb Borfitz

Deb Borfitz
Senior Science Writer, Clinical Research News
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SCOPE Meeting Planners

Tricia MichaloviczTricia Michalovicz

Tricia Michalovicz
Director of Meeting Planning

Julie KostasJulie Kostas

Julie Kostas
Senior Meeting Manager



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