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What to Expect
Partnering OpporutnitiesJoin us for the 3rd annual exclusive gathering of senior-level investors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and start-up leaders, from the clinical trials space.

Through lively panel discussions, in-depth interviews, and meaningful networking opportunities, we plan to explore topics that are critical to advancing clinical trials over the next decade:

  • What Are the Most Exciting Areas for Investment When It Comes to the Future of Clinical Trials: Perspectives from Different Investors?
  • What’s the ROI for Clinical Trial Innovation Investing for Different Types of Investors?
  • Bridging the Chasm of Research and Care: How Is the Landscape Evolving for Investors and Start-Ups?
  • Are We Getting Closer to the Holy Grail of Data Quality?
  • Can We Shorten the Long Arc of Investing in the Clinical Trial Space?
  • Publication Spotlight: Growing Health Tech Businesses: Learnings from Studying How Best-in-Class
  • CEO Spotlight Part Two: How Are CEOs and Founding Teams of Innovative Companies in the Clinical Trial Space Overcoming Hurdles to Fundraising, Pilots, and Scaling?
Are you a trailblazing start-up in the clinical trials space?

Join the Innovation Race at this Game-Changing Event

Start Up Pitch Contest

Join us at the Second Annual Clinical Trial Start-Up Pitch Contest on February 4, 2025, in Orlando, FL, during the annual SCOPE Summit for Clinical Ops Executives. Pioneering start-ups with groundbreaking products and technologies in clinical trial innovation will present to a high-profile audience, including senior-level investors, corporate executives, and industry leaders. This boutique event provides a platform for emerging companies to showcase their strategic business models, connect with investors, and secure potential funding. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the audience at this game-changing event.

Meet Our 2025 Co-Chairs

Jessica J. Federer

Jessica J. Federer
Board Member
Angelini Ventures

Eric Snyder

Eric Snyder
Novo Ventures (US), Inc.

Bridget A. Ross

Bridget A. Ross
ChroniSense Medical

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2024 Featured Speakers

SCOPE Summit’s Clinical Trial Venture, Innovation & Partnering Conference takes place February 4-5, 2025, in Orlando, FL. This premier boutique conference runs in parallel with the 16th Annual SCOPE Summit (Summit for Clinical Ops Executives). Building upon the success of the inaugural event, the 3rd Annual Clinical Trial Venture, Innovation & Partnering Conference brings together senior-level investors, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and start-up leaders, from the clinical trials space. This high-level event consists of thought-provoking, industry-led panels, fireside chats, a start-up pitch contest, and numerous networking opportunities for CEOs, investors, and potential acquirers, to foster meaningful connections. You are invited to join us at this conference, focused on venture and innovation, to acquire valuable strategic insights, honest perspectives, and practical business recommendations for collaboration and investment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to explore the exhibit hall and connect with both emerging and established companies in this field, enabling you to grasp the direction the industry is heading.

1 on 1 Networking
Networking and Reception
Panel Discussions
Keynote Talks
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Key Contacts


Eileen Murphy, MEd

Eileen Murphy, MEd
Conference Producer
(+1) 781-738-0049


Braine Caine

Brian Caine
Business Development Manager
Investor Series
(+1) 908-809-0946