2024 Post-Conference User Group Meeting & Hosted Workshops


Wednesday afternoon, February 14th from 1:30-4:30 pm

om1AI and Digital Phenotyping for Clinical Development
Joseph ZabinskiJoseph Zabinski, PhD, Managing Direct, AI & Personalized Medicine, OM1
With the new year comes even more hype with how AI will transform the pharmaceutical landscape - including McKinsey estimating that AI technology could generate up to $110 billion a year in economic value for the pharma and medical-product industries. 

Join OM1's Dr. Joseph Zabinski, VP of Commercial Strategy and AI, for an invitation-only, interactive round table on moving beyond the hype and exploring use cases where AI can be applied today to optimize clinical development, including:

  • finding patients and accelerating recruitment
  • understanding patient journeys and unmet need
  • informing study design and feasibility
  • predicting treatment response and outcomes

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syneosOptimizing Clinical Trials Through Strategic Precision & Accelerated Insights
Clinical trials are a constant interplay of variables, adjustments, and insights. Today’s development landscape includes an abundance of technology, data, AI/ML and advanced analytics, which create the opportunity to shorten timelines, optimize efficiency and generate insights about treatments in development.  

Through strategic precision – meticulous planning and execution -- and an in-depth understanding of the dynamic requirements of each unique protocol, patient, and site, we can configure and optimize studies to enable more efficient and representative patient enrollment, empower patients and sites with streamlined data collection techniques and use technology to ensure the highest quality data submissions.Ultimately, sponsors can reduce the time and cost to bring new and innovative treatments to the patients who need them. 

During this interactive workshop, experts will review the various steps of the operational approach, the nuanced requirements, considerations and options of each stage, and the solutions and technology available to plan, execute and deliver return on investments for studies in the complex and dynamic environment of clinical research. 


Terttu HaringModerator and Host: Terttu Haring, President Clinical Sites & Patients, Syneos Health

  • TBC, StudyKIK, a Syneos Health Company 
  • TBC, Site Optimization & Solutions, Illingworth, a Syneos Health Company 
  • TBC, Site Leader, from Catalyst Network 
  • TBC, Sponsor Operations Leader, or Diversity Office

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