On-Demand Webinar | Advancing Clinical Trial Efficiencies through New Technology

Recorded on: October 1, 2020


‘Down-to-earth’ practical approaches and case studies to making digitalization a reality for your organization

The emergence of advanced technology in the life sciences industry is promising significant gains in trial efficiencies, collaboration and quality. However, the questions of when and how to integrate new technology must be answered by each organization before the first steps can be taken. This presentation will provide an overview of strategic considerations relevant for organizations embarking on the digital transformation journey as well as concrete use cases of digital technology in Clinical.


  • ‘Down-to-earth’ practical approach to making digitalization a reality for your organization including key considerations and potential first steps
  • Concrete examples on the use of digital technologies in Clinical
  • Benefits and potential challenges to be expected as the industry moves toward transformational digitalization
  • At the end of the presentation, you will have a good understanding of the use of new technology in Clinical today


All pharma organizations – roles related to digitalization/strategy, Heads of R&D/Clinical, Heads of IT


  • Introduction by Franciska Darmer, Global Head of Clinical, NNIT
  • Unlocking the Value of your Data by Thomas Schjodt, Director, Digital Together, NNIT
  • BI and Analytics – The Foundation for Data Driven Business by Michael S. Hansen, Manager, BI & Analytics, NNIT
  • Considerations for Patient Data Privacy in Today’s Clinical Trials by Henrik Olsson, Sr. Manager, Privacy Compliance, Johnson & Johnson
  • Clinical Intake –Standardize and Manage Dispersed CRO Data Sources by Peter Andersen, Advanced Advisory Consultant, NNIT
  • Closing remarks by Franciska Darmer, Global Head of Clinical, NNIT 


Henrik Olsson
Sr. Manager, Privacy Compliance, EMEA, Health Care Compliance & Privacy, Johnson & Johnson

Henrik Olsson, MSc, BBA, CIPP/E is a Sr. Manager, Privacy Compliance that is supporting the Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson to address requirements associated with data protection and privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). His primary area of experience relates to the application of such laws in clinical research. He is a member of the Clinical Innovation Risk Assessment Council in Janssen and leads the global Clinical Practice Group within Global Privacy at Johnson & Johnson. He has been engaged in cross-industry initiatives under Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), and TransCelerate in the area of data protection and privacy and has attended expert workshops organized by the European Commission on health data protection.

Franciska Darmer
Global Head of Clinical, Life Science Advisory, NNIT

With more than 20 years of experience within the life science industry, Franciska started her career working for a top Scandinavian pharma organization, supporting Clinical departments with their strategic process optimization. Since then, Franciska has joined leading clinical solution vendors as strategic advisor, and now leads the Global Clinical Digitalization Advisory program for NNIT – providing New Nordic IT services to Life Science organizations around the world.

Michael S. Hansen
Manager, BI & Analytics, NNIT


Thomas Schjodt
Director, Digital Together, NNIT


Peter Andersen
Advanced Advisory Consultant, NNIT

Peter Smedegaard Andersen is an experienced Advisory Consultant, who has focused on data modelling and leveraging natural language processing to improve data transformations impact on business processes in the Life Science and Pharmaceutical industries. He comes with extensive knowledge of and practical experience working with regulated data models and reference architectures.


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