On-Demand Webinar | How sponsors can leverage community sites to increase enrollment speed and patient access

Recorded on: February 18, 2021


The clinical trials industry is ripe for a change. The cost of drug development has skyrocketed and the cost of running trials has grown 3x since 2000. Sponsors have tried to reverse this rising cost trend by partnering even more with the largest sites, but this model will only limit access to patients.

Reducing trial costs will require reinventing the partnership model between sponsors and sites by enabling ALL sites (not just large sites but community sites) to offer the right trials to their patients. This model will ultimately increase enrollment speeds and improve patient access for sponsors and sites.

Join Inato for a conversation on how sponsors can leverage community sites to increase enrollment speed and patient access.


During this webinar, leaders from sponsors and sites will learn:

  • Why the role of sites needs to evolve in recruiting for clinical trials
  • How sponsors are engaging community sites to increase enrollment speed
  • Strategies to improve patient access
  • How sites and sponsors can partner to increase diversity in clinical trials



  • VP/Director of Clinical Operations
  • Director/Head of Innovation
  • Director/Head of Diversity


  • Director, Clinical Research
  • Clinical Trial Manager/Coordinator
  • Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Principal Investigator


Jameka Hill
Director, Patient Engagement & Advocacy; Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Moderna



Rebecca Little
Executive Director – Specialty Sales – Site & Patient Solutions, Accellacare

Rebecca Little has 15 years of clinical research experience. She has worked with various site networks and models, both in the US and on a global scale, ranging in all therapeutic areas. In 2016, she joined a global CRO’s commercial team to expand her industry knowledge in understanding both the site/patient level nuances, as well as orchestrating a trial on the CRO level. Armed with both Site, Patient and CRO knowledge, Rebecca now leads the commercial team for Accellacare – a global clinical research network that specializes in increasing patient recruitment and retention with a patient centric approach.

Matt Lowery, ACRP-CP, CCRS
Executive Director, Clinical Research Business Development Plus

Matt has been the Director of Clinical Research at SNA for the last 9 years where he handles the day to day operations as well as budgets and contracts, finances and accounting, regulatory, and business development. He holds certifications through the Association for Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) – the ACRP-CP since 2018 and the CCRC since 2013 – and is a member of ACRP, Model Agreements & Guidelines International (MAGI), Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS), and the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA).

Matt is from a small, rural town in the Upstate of South Carolina. He moved to Florida to attend the University of Tampa where he graduated with dual bachelor’s degrees in biology and marine science with a minor in chemistry. After graduating, he stumbled into the medical field and never looked back, eventually working in family practice, public health, genetics, and now clinical research.

Matt has over 14 years of experience in clinical research on both the site and sponsor level. On the site side, Matt has worked as a study coordinator, site manager, director of clinical research, and assists other sites with general consulting, business development, and budget/contract negotiation. On the sponsor side, he’s gained knowledge and experience in monitoring, clinical operations, finance and accounting, and has drafted and revised several protocols for Parkinson’s disease and provided insight for protocols for Alzheimer’s disease, autism, hallucinations, multiple system atrophy, and schizophrenia.

Matt is involved with and helps to shape initiatives that will improve the industry. Some of his past and current projects include the Shared Investigator Platform through TransCelerate, better payment terms for sites, establishing an eISF for better communications with sponsors’ eTMFs, streamlining the feasibility and start-up phase, and developing site-facing technologies such as eSource. He often speaks at industry conferences such as the Site Solutions Summit through SCRS, the DrugDev Summit, and the Clinical Research & Operations Worldwide Networking (CROWN) Congress.

Whenever able, Matt enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking (and eating), movies, and traveling to interesting places near and far.

Liz Beatty
Chief Strategy Officer, Inato

Liz Beatty is the Chief Strategy Officer at Inato, a clinical trials marketplace which flips the traditional model and allows sites to participate in the trials that are best aligned with their interests and that of their patients. She is focused on advancing Inato’s corporate strategy, developing partnerships and driving growth in North America. Previously, Liz was the Head of Digital Clinical Trials at Bristol-Myers Squibb where she led digital innovation efforts across Global Clinical Operations. Her team leveraged innovative approaches to increase clinical trial participation and enhance the clinical trial experience for sites, patients, and their care team. Liz previously held positions in clinical operations including managing a global patient recruitment team, and various positions in protocol management and site management.


Inato helps biopharmaceutical companies increase the pool of available patients engaged in clinical trials by discovering untapped research site potential. The company powers the first global industry marketplace, which reimagines the clinical trial recruitment funnel by matching clinical research sites to the right clinical trial protocols. Inato is headquartered in Paris with presence across the U.S. Learn more at https://inato.com/.


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