2020 Faculty

Shawn Tedman, Director Clinical Trials Business, Clinical Trials Business, 23andMe Inc

Laura Russell, Sr Manager, Clinical Trials Business, 23andMe Inc

Corinne Vasquez, Principal Analyst, Clinical Data Systems, Abbott

Michelle Wetherby, Assoc Director Global Clinical Operations, Global Clinical Affairs Operations, Abbott Labs

Jamie Cash, Sr Manager, R&D, Abbott Nutrition

Gisele Paule, Contract Coordinator, Clinical Planning & Resource Management, Abbott Nutrition

Dr. Kyle Holen, Head, Dev Design Ctr, AbbVie Inc

Dr. David Van Brunt, Head Evidence & Analysis, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, AbbVie Inc

Brooks Fowler, Sr Director Data Sciences, Data Sciences, AbbVie Inc

Aman Thukral, Head, Digital Operations, AbbVie Inc

Nareen Katta, Director Data Sciences, R43F, AbbVie Inc

Michael Dawson, Director Dev Design Ctr, Dev Design Ctr, AbbVie Inc

Erin Reynolds, Analyst, Operations Data, AbbVie Inc

Michelle Crouthamel, Director Digital Health & Innovation, Digital Health Innovation, AbbVie Inc

Minji Bae, Assoc Director Vendor Management, Vendor Management, AbbVie Inc

Jennifer Duff, Managing Director Outsourcing Sales & Account Management, Outsourcing Sales & Account Management, Accenture

Jeremy Wyatt, President,  ActiGraph

Sina Adibi, Chief Revenue Officer,  Adaptive Clinical Systems

Scott Sawicki, Principal Consultant, R&D Sourcing, Adare Pharmaceuticals Inc

Michelle Marlborough, Chief Product Officer,  AiCure

Lauren Sunshine, Associate Directorector,  AiCure

Kristi Womack, Director Clinical Pharmacology & Operations, Clinical Pharmacology & Operations, Allergan

Janis Little, VP Global Regulatory Quality, Global R&D Quality, Allergan

David Posselt, Global Director Contract Management & Site Monitoring Operations, Drug Dev, Allergan

Laila Mork, Sr Manager, Systems & Analytics & Reporting, Allergan Inc

Mark Scheetz, Assoc Director Global Site Management Ops & Program Lead, Non-Clinical Translational Sciences, Allergan Inc

Joseph Yi, Analyst, Business Intelligence, Allergan Inc

Richard Wzorek, Director New Products & Services, New Products & Services, Almac Grp

George Tiger, VP Global Business Development, Global Business Development, Almac Grp

Jennifer Ross, Sr Biostatistician, Clinical Technologies, Almac Grp

Dr. Cathy Critchlow, VP Ctr for Observational Research, Ctr for Observational Research, Amgen Inc

Michael Kelsh, PhD, Executive Director, Center for Observational Research, Amgen

Dr. Allan Chow, Sr Manager, Quality & Compliance Risk Management, Amgen Inc

Dr. John Page, Medical Director & Lead Predictive Analytics, Ctr for Observational Research, Amgen Inc

Lynn Wetherwax, Sr Manager, Translational Sciences, Amgen Inc

Dr. Laurent Schockmel, CEO,  Antidote

Evi Cohen, VP Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Global Life Sciences & Healthcare, Appian Corp

Jim Kremidas, Exec Director,  Association of Clinical Research Professionals

Krista Emmons, Assoc Director, Portfolio Relationship Management, Astellas Pharma US Inc

Alexandra Charge, Sr Director & Global Head, Processes & Enabling Solutions, AstraZeneca

Dr. Xia Wang, Director Health Informatics & Global Medicines Dev, Health Informatics & Global Medicines Dev, AstraZeneca Biologics

Sandra Smyth, Patient Centricity & Sponsor of Choice Lead, Clinical Operations, AstraZeneca Canada Inc

Dr. Jane Fang, Director Dev Operations IT, Dev Operations IT, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Glynn Dennis, Sr Director Data Science, Data Science, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Shameer Khader, Sr Director Advanced Analytics & Data Science, Advanced Analytics & Data Science, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Douglas Schantz, Exec Director Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Hansu Dong, Head Technology Alliances, R&D Biopharmaceuticals & Dev Operations, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Faye Fereshteh O'Brien, Director Performance & Metrics, Operational Excellence, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Gabriela Feldberg, Leader, Advanced Analytics Ctr of Excellence, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Michele Teufel, Patient & Site Engagement Lead, Dev Operations, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Joann Frazier, Global Category Manager, Patient Recruitment & Site Monitoring Services, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Marie Eckerd, Feasibility & Recruitment Partner, Dev Operations & Process & Enabling Solutions, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Chrystal Oley, Assoc Director Site Partnerships, Site Partnerships, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc

Cecile Van der Heijden, Attorney at Law,  Axon Lawyers

Vanja Vlajnic, Statistician Clinical Statistics, Data Sciences & Analytics, Bayer Corp

Michelle Shogren, Director Innovation & Pharma R&D Clinical Operations, Innovation & Pharma R&D Clinical Operations, Bayer HealthCare

Geri Masessa, Sr Global Resource Manager, TA Oncology Clinical Operations, Bayer HealthCare

Peter Theisohn, Director Resource Management in Clinical Operations, R&D Clinical Operations, Bayer HealthCare AG

Raj Pallapothu, Global Lead, mHealth Ecosystem Digital Health, Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals

Shurjeel Choudhri, Sr VP & Head, Medical & Scientific Affairs, Bayer Inc

Aaron Fleishman, Director Market Dev, Business Development Innovation & Market Expansion, BBK Worldwide

Jessica Kim, Art Director, Creative, BBK Worldwide

Dr. Alan Smith, Exec VP Tech Operations, Tech Operations, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals Inc

Kevin Bishop, GM & VP RTSM, RTSM, BioClinica Inc

Jason Attanucci, Sr Director Sales & Partnerships, Sales & Partnerships, BioFortis Inc

Yusuf Ghadiali, Sr Director, Performance Operational Capability, Biogen

Kate Wilson, Assoc Director Feasibility & Enrollment & Retention Opt, Global Clinical Operations, Biogen

Charles Makin, Global Head, Real World Evidence Strategy, Biogen

Amanda Hovda, Assoc Director Biometrics Business Planning, Biometrics Business Planning, Biogen

Adama Ibrahim, Assoc Director Performance Operational Capabilities, Global Clinical Operations, Biogen Ltd

Matthew Nguyen, Manager Clinical Biospecimen Operations, Clinical Biospecimen Operations, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc


Kelly Loughner, Sr Assoc Director Site Enablement, Site Enablement, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc

Kristen Signs, Sr Assoc Director Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc

Justin Bandura, Contract Manager, Clinical Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Marina Malikova, Exec Director, Surgery, Boston Medical Ctr

Jennifer Bolton, Sr Fellow, Regulatory Affairs, Boston Scientific

Dr. Shirley Wang, Asst Prof, Pharmacoepidemiology & Pharmacoeconomics, Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Dr. Balazs Flink, Head, Clinical Trial Analytics R&D Business Insights, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Dr. Miruna Sasu, Assoc Director Planning & Execution, Global Biostatistics, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Dr. Angelique Hopkins, Director Clinical Trial Analytics, Business Insights & Analytics, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Dr. David Tabano, Assoc Director Ctr for Observational Research & Data Sc, Ctr for Observational Research & Data Sciences, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Michael Walega, Head, Global Data Management & Centralized Monitoring, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Hassan Kadhim, Director & Head, Clinical Trial Business Capabilities, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Eric Lawrence, Assoc Director & Alliance Lead, Clinical Biomarker Specialty Lab, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Jennifer Ribeiro, Informed Consent Process Lead, Global Clinical Documentation & Submissions, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

David Swank, Tech Director Portfolio & Asset Strategy, Portfolio & Asset Strategy, Bristol Myers Squibb Co

Jan Nielsen, Sr Project Manager,  BSI Business Systems Integration AG

Jens Thuesen, CTMS Business Development, Business Development, BSI Business Systems Integration AG

Jaquie Finn, Global Head, Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants Ltd

Angela Radcliffe, R&D Practice Lead, Life Sciences, Capgemini Invent

Basker Gummadi, Director Technology & Innovation, Technology & Innovation, Celgene Corp

Laura Whitmore, Head, Clinical Operations, Cerevel Therapeutics LLC

Kenneth Olovich, COO & Director Chorus Resonance, Chorus Resonance, Chorus Lilly Research Labs

Rose Holub, Head Regulatory Affairs & Compliance, Clinical Operations, Circuit Clinical

Dr. Andree Beckerling, CEO,  Clariness GmbH

Michael Stadler, Co-Founder & CEO, Business Development & Finance & Administration, Clariness USA Inc

Edward Seguine, CEO,  Clinical Ink

Jonathan Andrus, Chief Business Officer, Solutions Management, Clinical Ink

Kay Scroggins, President & CEO,  Clinical Trials of Texas Inc

Caro Unger, Sr Manager, Clinical Operations Standards & Innovation, Clovis Oncology

Steve Young, COO,  CluePoints Inc

Dr. Linda Glaser, Medical Director,  Coastal Biomedical Research Inc

Larissa Comis, Client Partner, Life Sciences, Cognizant

Dr. Richard Arlow, Founder & CEO,  COMPLION

JT Tan, Pharma/CRO Innovation Lead,  COMPLION

Dr. Bola Oyegunwa, VP & Global Head, Virtual Trials, Covance

Dr. Victor Lobanov, VP Informatics Solution Dev, Informatics Solution Dev, Covance Inc

Andrew Chapman, Sr Director Informatics, Informatics, Covance Inc

Earl Seltzer, Director Feasibility & Site Selection, Feasibility & Site Selection, Covance Inc

Kristin Stallcup, Project Director,  Covance Inc

Kate Dugan, Client Engagement Director, Global Specimen Solutions, Covance Inc

Michael Brooks, President, Clinical Development and Commercialization, on Services, Covance Drug Development, Covance Inc

Dr. Heather Hirsch, Sr Director Translational Pharmacology, Translational Pharmacology, CRISPR Therapeutics

Dr. L Scott Clark, Sr Director GCLP Quality Assurance, GCLP Quality Assurance, CRISPR Therapeutics

Sarah Halmrast, VP, PMO, CSMDirectorect

Jasmine Benger, Sr Project Manager, Research Services, Ctr for Information & Study on Clinical Research

Christina Roman, Sr Community Engagement Manager, Community Partnerships, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Francis Kendall, Sr Director Biostatistics & Programming, Biostatistics & Programming, Cytel Inc

Ann McCabe, Director Process Excellence & Risk Management, Clinical Dev Operations, Daiichi Sankyo Inc

Dawn Anderson, Managing Director R&D Life Sciences Consulting, R&D Life Sciences Consulting, Deloitte Consulting LLC

Michael Mclaughlin, Assoc Director Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations, Dermavant Sciences Inc

Jennifer Goldsack, Interim Exec Director,  Digital Medicine Society DiMe

Andrew MacKelfresh, Project Leader, Clinical Research Informatics, Duke Clinical Research Institute

Dr. Christina Silcox, Managing Assoc,  Duke Univ

Jennifer Tontini, Vice President, Global Business Development, Educational Measures

Joseph Kim, Sr Advisor Clinical Operations & Digital Registry, Translational Technology & Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co

Mary Zuniga, Consultant, Translational Science Immunology, Eli Lilly & Co

Don Harder, Advisor, Design Hub - Patient Experience & Design Innovatio, Eli Lilly & Co

Debora Araujo, Founder & CEO, ClinBiz

Daniela Shikova, GM, FindMeCure Foundation Bulgaria

John Linnell, Clinical Trial Participant & COPD Patient Advocate, Member of AstraZenecas Patient Partnership Program

Richard O'Hara, Directorector, Clinical Bus Ops, Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc

Rosalie Filling, VP Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations, Endo Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Christopher Watson, Director Product Strategy & Digital Patient, Product Strategy & Digital Patient, ERT

Erin Creedon, Sr CRA, Clinical Operations, Ethicon Inc

David Lanham, Scientific Director,  Eurofins Bioanalytics Services UK

Kristina Wolfe, DrPH, Directorector, Strategic Accounts, Eversana

Kenny Kong, Director, Life Sciences & Business Solutions, Exostar

Dr. Delphine Lagarde, Ethics Lead, Biosample & Repository Management, F Hoffmann La Roche AG

Dr. Amy Abernethy, Principal Deputy Commissioner, Ofc of the Commissioner, FDA

Dr. David Burrow, Supvy Consumer Safety Officer, Scientific Investigations Ofc, FDA CDER

Dr. Chuck Bradley, VP Clinical Dev, Clinical Dev, FibroGen Inc

Christopher Chan, Exec Director R&D Finance, R&D Finance, FibroGen Inc

Maya Zlatanova, Board Member,  FindMeCure Foundation

Michael Keens, COO, Clinical Operations, Firma Clinical Research

Dr. Emily Castellanos, Assoc Medical Director Research Oncology, Research Oncology, Flatiron Health Inc

Virginia Spitzer, Exec Director,  Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

Dr. Dan Zhang, CEO,  Fountain Medical Technology Dev Co Ltd

Kamaljit Behera, Industry Analyst, Visionary Healthcare Program, Frost & Sullivan Inc

Ruma Bhagat, MPH, MBBS, Process Excellence Leader and QTL Topic Team Lead, TransCelerate

Gracie Lieberman, Director Regulatory Policy, Regulatory Policy, Genentech Inc

Dr. Michael Benecky, Sr Director Global Regulatory Affairs, Precision & Digital Medicine Pharma R&D, GlaxoSmithKline

April Lewis, Sr Director R&D Technology, R&D Technology, GlaxoSmithKline

Nick Locantore, Sr Director Digital Data Integration & Analytics, Medical Innovation & Value Evidence & Outcomes, GlaxoSmithKline

Gail Adinamis, CEO,  GlobalCare Clinical Trials

Kyle Cunningham, Chief Product Officer,  Greenphire LLC

Catherine Click, Directorector, Pricing Analysis,  Greenphire LLC

Laurie Halloran, President & CEO,  Halloran Consulting Grp Inc

Dr. David Morin, Director, Research, Holston Medical Grp at Medical Plaza

Dr. Jeff Kingsley, Founder & CEO,  IACT Health

Dr. Robert DiCicco, Deputy Chief Health Officer,  IBM Watson Health

Gretchen Goller, Global Head, Patient Recruitment, ICON plc

Edmond McLindon II, Senior Vice President, Site & Patient Solutions, ICON plc

Dr. Brenda Yanak, Principal, Clinical Transformation Partners

Dr. Kelly Willenberg, Owner, Kelly Willenberg LLC

Andy Lawton, Director & Consultant, Risk Based Approach Ltd

Rene Stephens, Independent Industry Consultant

Ben Taylor, CEO, LedgerDomain

Jane Myles, Owner & Founder, jemTech LLC

Craig Lipset, Managing Partner, Clinical Innovation Partners LLC

Rob Wilson, Consultant, Wilson Digital Health Consulting

Dr. MaryAnne Rizk, Sr VP Digital R&D Strategy, Digital R&D Strategy, IQVIA

Gayle Hamilton, Assoc Director Risk Based Monitoring, Project Operations & Business Performance, IQVIA

Josh Rose, VP Strategy, R&D Solutions, IQVIA

Zabir Macci, Centralized Monitoring Manager, Process & Technology & Analytics, IQVIA

Erica Prowisor, Global Head, Recruitment & Retention, Global Patient & Site Solutions, IQVIA

Nagaraja Srivatsan, Chief Digital Officer, R&DS Technology Solutions, IQVIA

Lucas Glass, Lead, Global Analytics, IQVIA

Eric Delente, Head & Sr Director & GM, Patient Consent, IQVIA Technologies

Julian Ortiz, Assoc Director Risk Management & Central Monitoring, Infectious Diseases & Vaccines, Janssen Cilag SA

Dolly Dorothea Ugi, Central Statistical Surveillance Manager, Risk Management & Central Monitoring, Janssen Pharmaceutical

Christopher Biddle, Assoc Director Risk Management & Central Monitoring, Risk Management & Central Monitoring, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Stephanie Clark, Director Risk Management, Central Monitoring, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Michelle Everill, Sr Director & Global Head, Feasibility, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Ritsuko Ashby, Sr Specialist, Risk Management & Central Monitoring, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Megan McBride, Assoc Director Clinical Innovation, Clinical Innovation GCDO R&D, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Tammy Guld, Sr Director Clinical Innovation, Clinical Innovation, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Alyson Gregg, Director Patient Insights, GMA Commercial Operations, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Laura Davis,  Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Robert Lynch, Head of Data Collection Solutions,  Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. Ozgur Ozkan, Business Technology Lead for Decision Support, R&D IT, Janssen R&D LLC

Sina Djali, Sr Director Integrated Clinical & Operations Analytics, Integrated Clinical & Operations Analytics, Janssen R&D LLC

Cassandra Smith, Assoc Director Investigator & Patient Engagement, Investigator & Patient Engagement, Janssen R&D LLC

Antonieta Sosa, Director Clinical Innovation, Clinical Innovation, Janssen R&D LLC

Lauren Gadsby, Program Manager, Investigator & Patient Engagement, Janssen R&D LLC

Dr. John Jack Sheehan, Sr Director Value & Evidence, Neuroscience, Janssen Scientific Affairs LLC

Leily Saadat-Lajevardi, Program Team Leader, IPE Project Gifts, Johnson & Johnson

Joi Jenkins, Central Monitoring Manager, Integrated Data Analytics & Reporting, Johnson & Johnson

Christine Mazzucco, Assoc Central Statistical Surveillance & Risk Management, Central Monitoring & Global Clinical Delivery Ops, Johnson & Johnson Inc

Victor Chen, Managing Director Clinical Trials Program, Clinical Trials Program, Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Jatin Shah, VP Clinical Strategy, Clinical Strategy, Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc

Jyotsna Mehta, Sr Director & Head HEOR, HEOR, Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc

Marina Escudero, VP, Clinical Operations, Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals

Sai Vajha, Vice President,  Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals

George Sawicki, COO,  KPS Life LLC

Stephanie Weber, Director Early Dev Services, Early Dev Services, LabConnect LLC

Dr. Len Rosenberg, Head, Clinical Operations Beat AML, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Dr. Emmanuel Fombu, VP,  Locust Walk LLC

Jim Lane, Chief Business Officer,  Longboat

Jennifer Fenwick, Director Project Management, Americas, Marken Ltd

Dr. Roy Jones, Prof, Stem Cell Transplantation, MD Anderson Cancer Ctr

Dr. Valeria Nicoli-Carr, VP Patient Engagement, Patient Engagement, mdgroup

Jef Benbanaste, Director Data Science, Data Science, Medidata a Dassault Systemes Co

Anthony Costello, VP Mobile Health, Mobile Health, Medidata a Dassault Systemes Co

Alicia Staley, Sr Director Patient Engagement, Patient Engagement, Medidata a Dassault Systemes Co

Matthew Noble, VP Product Management, Product Management, Medidata a Dassault Systemes Co

Dr. Michael Song, Sr Manager, Drug Delivery & Device Dev, MedImmune

Fred Martin, VP, Product, Medrio Inc

Vinod Parthasarathy, Sr Director MC2 Global Monitoring & Clinical Operations, Japan & China, Medtronic

Dr. Rohan Sonawane, Clinical Marketing Manager, Diabetes, Medtronic Diabetes

Dr. Karim Galil, CEO,  Mendel Health

Wael Salloum, CSO & Co Founder,  Mendel Health

Mark Joing, VP Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations, Menlo Therapeutics Inc

Dr. Christina Greene, Assoc Director Global Site Agreements, Global Site Agreements, Merck

Karen Outten, Exec Director Clinical Trial Safety Reporting, Global Clinical Safety & Pharmacovigilance, Merck

Rachel Lewis, Director, Project Mngmt, Merck

Dr. Karina Bienfait, Principal Scientist & Head, Global Genomics Policy & Process & Compliance, Merck & Co Inc

Rehbar Tayyabkhan, Head, R&D Sourcing & Procurement, Merck & Co Inc

Matthew Moyer, Director Clinical Supply Technology, Global Clinical Supply, Merck & Co Inc

Laurie Myers, Director Global Health Literacy, Global Health Literacy, Merck & Co Inc

Rob Taylor, Director Global Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Safety, Safety Management, Merck & Co Inc

Dr. Kevin Bateman, Distinguished Scientist & Scientific Assoc VP, Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynamics & Drug, Merck Research Labs

Michael Tanen, Director Clinical Biomarker Specimen Management, Clinical Biomarker Specimen Management, Merck Research Labs

Carlos Orantes, CEO,  Meridien Research Corp

Keith Dorricott, Ambassador,  Metrics Champion Consortium

Linda Sullivan, Co-Founder & President,  Metrics Champion Consortium

Lindsey Riley, Sr Assoc Director Research Partnerships, Research Partnerships, Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research

Dr. Tamara O'Black, Sr Director Compliance & Quality & Regulatory, Compliance & Quality & Regulatory, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Lisa Tindell, Sr Director Clinical Research Operations, Sponsored Clinical Trials, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Adrienne Robinson, Assoc Director Clinical Outsourcing, Clinical Outsourcing, MyoKardia Inc

Ly Kawaguchi, Sr Director Outsourcing & Contracts, Business Development Operations, MyoKardia Inc

Janet Pak, Sr Manager, Business Analytics & Resource Management, MyoKardia Inc

Audrey White, Assoc Director Clinical Site Budgets & Contracts, Clinical Site Budgets & Contracts, MyoKardia Inc

Mary McGowan, Exec Director,  Myositis Assoc

Chris Mullin, Director Consulting Services, Consulting Services, NAMSA

Dr. Elisabeth Oehrlein, Sr Director Research & Programs, Research & Programs, Natl Health Council

Franciska Darmer, Directorector, Clinical Advisory, NNIT US

Glenda Guest, VP, Quality Consulting & Training, Norwich Clinical Research Associates Ltd

Dr. Eric Hajjar, Program Assoc Director Clinical Technology & Innovation, Global Dev Operations, Novartis AG

Dr. Jacob Laporte, Cofounder & VP & Global Head, Digital Innovation Lab, Novartis Corp

Dr. Abhishek Kadam, Assoc Director Data Operations, Clinical Data Management, Novartis Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Craig Serra, Global Head, Strategy & Innovation Global Dev Operations, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Maryanne Santilli, Sr Director Scientific Alliance Management, Scientific Alliance Management, Novo Nordisk Inc

Gregory Jones, CTO & VP eClinical Enterprise Architecture, Health Sciences Global Business, Oracle Corp

Elvin Thalund, Sr Director Product Strategy, Product Strategy, Oracle Corp

Jonathan Palmer, Sr Director, Product Strategy Digital Trials Health Sciences, Oracle Corp UK Ltd

Katherine Vandebelt, Global Head, Clinical Innovation & Health Sciences, Oracle Health Sciences

Dr. Jane Jacob, VP Research & Clinical Affairs, Research & Clinical Affairs, Orthofix Inc

Matthew Harlin, Assoc Director Clinical Phamacology, Bioanalytical & Biomarkers, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Inc

Dr. Charlotte Jones-Burton, VP Global Clinical Dev, Nephrology, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Dev & Commercialization Inc

Sharin Roth, Director Clinical Pharmacology & Bioanalysis, Clinical Pharmacology & Bioanalysis, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Dev & Commercialization Inc

Holger Liebig, Sr Director Strategic Partnerships, Strategic Partnerships, PAREXEL Intl

Leanne Larson, Corp VP & Global Head, Real World Evidence, PAREXEL Intl

Dr. Ramya Palacholla, Lead Scientist & Physician, Pivot Labs, Partners HealthCare

Dr. Sujay Kakarmath, Physician Scientist & Research Fellow, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, Partners HealthCare

David Sall, President & CEO, Marketing, Patient Enrollment Advisors LLC

John Kim, Sr Manager, Dev Business Technology, Pfizer Global R&D

Lynne Cesario, Global Lead, Risk Based Monitoring Program, Pfizer Global R&D Groton Labs

Dr. Demissie Alemayehu, VP Biostatistics, Biostatistics, Pfizer Inc

Dr. Deborah Shepard, Director, Biomarker Clinical Assay Lead, Global Product Dev Oncology, Pfizer Inc

Dr. Elodie Baumfeld Andre, Epidemiology Strategy Lead, Worldwide Medical & Safety, Pfizer Inc

Demetris Zambas, VP & Global Head, Data Monitoring & Management, Pfizer Inc

Robert Mather, Exec Director & Head, Advanced Science & Collaboration Grp, Pfizer Inc

David Leventhal, MBA, Senior Director, Clinical Trial Experience, Pfizer

Oriol Serra Ortiz, Sr Director & Head, Global Site Intelligence & Selection, Pfizer Inc

Prasanna Rao, Head AI & Data Science,  Pfizer Inc

Melanie Goodwin, Director Patient Recruitment Programs, Study Optimization & CD&O, Pfizer Inc

Mary-Anne Tomas, Director Site Intelligence, Site Intelligence, Pfizer Inc

Nechama Katan, Assoc Director, Data Monitoring & Management Clinical Sciences & Ops, Pfizer Inc

Brendan O'Neill, Sr Director Patient Recruitment Programs, Clinical Dev & Operations & Global Product Dev, Pfizer Ltd

Ashley Howard, Assoc Director & Asset Lead, Oncology, Pfizer Ltd

Loni Branon, Sr Director Sitetrove & Chinatrove, Sitetrove & Chinatrove, Pharma Intelligence

Richard Scaife, Chair,  Pharmaceutical Contract Management Grp PCMG

Dr. Gen Li, Founder & President,  PhESi

Matt Pipke, CTO,  PhysIQ

Dr. Meg Richards, Exec Director Scientific Affairs, Real World Solutions, PRA Health Sciences

Claire Russell, Exec Director Patient Experience, Patient Experience, PRA Health Sciences

Christina Fawcett, Director Operations, Late Phase Services, PRA Health Sciences

Tricia Barrett, Sr VP & Managing Director,  Praxis

Dr. Hugh Levaux, CEO & Founder,  Protocol First

Audrey Rossow, Sr Director Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations, Pulmatrix Inc

John Musante, Sr VP & Head, Clinical Business Development, QPS

Amy Froment, Director Global Clinical Operations Services, Study Optimization, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Patricia Connolly, Exec VP Product Dev, Product Dev, Renalytix AI plc

Erin O'Boyle, Sr Director Clinical Operations, Clinical Operations, Rezolute Inc

Wael Abouelkheir, MBA, Global Studies Leader, Global Product Development, Neuroscience, Roche

Odette Anyangwe, Head, Quality & Operations for Process & Procedures, Roche Pharma

Denisa McKnight, Sr Specialist, Product Dev Global Ops, Roche Products Ltd

Dr. Andrew Kornberg, Assoc Prof & Sr Neurologist,  Royal Children’s Hospital

Gerald Finken, Founder & CEO,  RXE2

Dr. Anand Dubey, Sr Business Solutions Architect,  Saama Technologies Inc

Malaikannan Sankarasubbu, VP Artificial Intelligence Research, Artificial Intelligence Research, Saama Technologies Inc

Dr. Steven Draikiwicz, Global Digital Medical Lead, Bioinformatics, Sanofi

Lora Lee Zoller-Neuner, Sr Quality Document Manager, Clinical Quality Systems, sanofi Grp

Darcy Forman, Vice President, Clinical Operations, Science 37 Inc

Dr. Marc Berger, Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, SHYFT Analytics

Dr. Bill Byrom, VP Product Strategy & Innovation, Product Strategy & Innovation, Signant Health

Christopher Crucitti, Chief Commercial Officer,  Signant Health

Michael Nolte, CEO,  Signant Health

Todd Everhart, Clinical Vice President, Internal Medicine, Signant Health

Bennett Rosenthal, Prod Manager Clin Trials,  Sophia Genetics SA

Carol Miller, Sr Director Business Development, Business Development, Spaulding Clinical LLC

Tom Rhoads, CEO,  Spencer Health Solutions LLC

TJ Sharpe, Patient Advisor,  Starfish Harbor LLC

Anca Copaescu, CEO,  Strategikon Pharma

Matt Miller, Co-Founder & President,  StudyKIK

Ivor Clarke, CEO,  SubjectWell

Sarah Bednarski, Assoc Director Strategic Monitoring, Clinical Operations, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc

Dr. David Thompson, Sr VP Real World Evidence & Insights, Real World Evidence & Insights, Syneos Health

Shaun Williams, VP Investigator Management Solutions, Clinical Solutions, Syneos Health

Eleanore Doyle, VP Global Alliance Management, Strategic Resourcing, Syneos Health

Dr. Jessica Scott, Head, R&D Patient Engagement, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Vivian Larsen, Assoc Director R&D Patient Engagement, R&D Patient Engagement, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

John Smutko, Assoc Director Translational & Biomarker Research, Translational & Biomarker Research Logistics, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc

Ankit Lodha, Assoc Director Clinical Analytics & Reporting, Clinical Operations, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc

Samantha Rogers, Lead, Patient Recruitment & Retention, Takeda Pharmaceuticals Inc

Brendan Buckley, MD, DPhil, Chief Medical Officer,  Teckro

Carrie Melvin, VP & Head, Global Clinical Operations, TESARO

Dr. R Alex Barbieri, Sr Anlaytics Consultant,  Tessella Inc

Dr. Jeremy Faulks, Director of Specialty Pharmacy & Pharmacy Procurement, Pharmacy Operations, Thrifty White Pharmacy

Dr. Diana Foster, CEO,  Total Clinical Trial Management

Dr. Kelley Erb, Team Lead, Novel Digital Endpoints, TransCelerate Biopharma Inc

Duncan Hall, CEO,  TRI

Jeff Kozloff, CEO,  TrialScope

Deena Bernstein, Sr Strategic Advisor, Marketing, TrialScout

Dr. Mary Jo Lamberti, Research Asst Prof,  Tufts Univ

Shazia Ahmad, Director Patient & Physician Services, Patient & Physician Services, UBC

Aaron Berger, Sr Director Safety Epidemiology Registries Risk Management, Safety Epidemiology Registries Risk Management, UBC

Julia Andrews, Strategic Feasibility Manager, Program Delivery, UCB Inc

Disa Lee Choun, Head, GCSO Innovation, UCB Pharma

Cynthia Casaceli, Director, Clinical Trials Coordination Ctr, Univ of Rochester

Dr. Jeffrey Botkin, Prof Pediatrics & Assoc VP, Research Integrity, Univ of Utah

Alex Simmonds, Head, Clinical Trial Solutions, Varian Medical Systems Inc

Richard Young, VP Vault, Vault, Veeva Systems

James Reilly, VP Clinical Strategy, Clinical Strategy, Veeva Systems

Henry Levy, GM, Vault CDMS, Veeva Systems

Dr. Thorsten Ruppert, Sr Manager, R&D & Innovation, Verband Forschender Arzneimittelhersteller eV

Gina Carbone, Assoc Director Clinical Budget Management, Clinical Budget Mgmt, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc

Heidi Shea, Sr Director Clinical Dev Execution, Clinical Dev Execution, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc

Kelly McKee, Head, Patient Recruitment & Rare Diseases, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc

Leah McCarthy, Director Outsourcing, Outsourcing, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc

Sandra O'Sullivan, Head, Vendor Management, Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc

Jill Johnston, President, Study Planning & Site Optimization, WCG

Steven Beales, Sr VP Scientific & Regulatory & Market Owner, Safety Solutions & Scientific & Regulatory Review, WCG Vigilare

Liz Wool, President, Wool Consulting Grp Inc

Rosie McKellar, VP, RBM, Worldwide Clinical Trials

Dr. Philippe Verplancke, Global Head, Business Development, XClinical GmbH

Dr. Harlan Krumholz, Harold H Hines Jr Prof Medicine, Ctr for Outcomes Research & Evaluation, Yale Univ

Kelly Vaillant, Managing Expert, Clinical Center of Excellence, YourEncore

Gaurav Singh, Manager,  ZS Associates

Dr. Venkat Sethuraman, Assoc Principal & Global Clinical Lead, R&D Excellence Practice, ZS Associates Inc

Dr. Jonathan Rowe, Assoc Principal, ZS Associates Inc

Bazgha Qutab, Consultant, ZS Associates Inc

Liza Bernstein, Patient Advocate

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