2019 Faculty

Stephanie Abbott, PharmD, Clinical Research Program Director, Western Washington Medical Group

Demissie Alemayehu, PhD, Head, Vice President, Biostatistics, Pfizer

Elizabeth Allardice, Family Advisory Board, Concussion Legacy Foundation

Stephen Amato, Director, Pfizer Global Product Development

Paul Andrews, Planning and Resource Management Head, Business Excellence, UCB Biosciences

Debora Araujo, Founder & CEO, ClinBiz

Mary Arnould, Director, Clinical Science Operations and RBM Lead, Astellas

Jiri Aubrecht, PhD, Scientific Director, Translational Biomarker Research, Takeda

Munther Baara, Senior Director, Development Business Technology, Pfizer

Mohan Bangalore, PhD, Global Head, BioAssets, Discovery Supply, GSK

Abi Bangerter, DEdPsy, Clinical Research Manager, Janssen Research & Development

Shelly Barnes, Patient Experience and Implementation Lead, UCB

Dorothee Bartels, PhD, MScEpi, Chief Digital Science Officer BI X GmbH, Boehringer Ingelheim

Lynne Becker, Senior Data Analyst, Enterprise Intelligence & Data Solutions (EIDS) Program Management Office (PMO), Deputy Assistant Director Information Operations, Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Sarah Bednarski, Associate Director, Strategic Monitoring, Sunovion

Michael Benecky, PhD, Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs, Precision & Digital Medicine, GSK

Peter Bergethon, Vice President, Quantitative Medicine & Clinical Technologies, Biogen

Karina Bienfait, PhD, Principal Scientist & Head, Global Genomics Policy, Process & Compliance, Merck

Dianna Blessington, MEd, Research Expert, Translational Sciences, Laboratory & Biospecimen Operations, Incyte Research Institute

Ron Bourque, Associate Director, RDI, Clinical Biologics, MedImmune/AstraZeneca

Chuck Bradley, Vice President, Clinical Development, FibroGen, Inc.

Loni Branon, Senior Director, Sitetrove Citeline, Informa - Pharma Intelligence

Carolyn Brehm, Associate Director, BMS Study Connect Business Lead , Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bonnie Brescia, Founding Principal, BBK Worldwide

Bob Brindle, Venture Leader, Life Sciences, Cognizant

David Burnham, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliance Management, Syneos Health

Jennifer Byrne, Founder and President, Greater Gift, CEO, Javara, Inc.

Hui Cao, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Real-World Evidence, COE for RWE, Global Medical Affairs, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Diane Carozza, Managing Senior Engagement Consultant, Medidata Solutions

Elisa Cascade, President, Data Solutions, DrugDev

Jamie Cash, Section Manager, Clinical Planning & Resource Management, Abbott Nutrition

Chris Chan, Executive Director, R&D Finance, Finance, FibroGen, Inc.

Teri Chou, PhD, CEO, Modus Health

Jerome Chiaro, Chief Patient Advocate, Co-Founder, StudyKIK

Kyle Christopherson, Director of Clinical Affairs, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Jae Chung, President & Founder, goBalto

Sarah Clark, BSc, Stats and Computing, Global Head of Data Management, Novartis

Ivor Clarke, CEO, SubjectWell

Bill Coakley, Senior Director, Global Supply Chain Planning, BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Craig Coffman, Executive Director, Clinical Business Operations & Outsourcing, Nektar Therapeutics

Jonathan Cohen, Executive Director, Business Operations, Regeneron

Jill Collins, Executive Director, Global Operations Management, Syneos Health

Matt Cooper, PhD, Director, Business Development & Marketing, Research Delivery, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre

Anca Copaescu, CEO, Strategikon Pharma

Christine Crandall, Head of Strategic Clinical Planning, Study Start Up, R&D Projects Clinical Platforms & Sciences, GSK

Cathy Critchlow, PhD, Vice President, Center for Observational Research, Amgen

Michelle Crouthamel, Digital Platform Leader, GSK

Karim Damji, Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing, Saama

Olaf Danner, Global Studies Manager, Roche

Gregory Daniel, PhD, Deputy Center Director, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy, Duke University

Mano Das, IT Business Partner, Clinical Patient and Site Operations, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Julie VanOrsdel Daves, Director of Clinical Outsourcing, miRagen Therapeutics, Inc.

Ashley Davidson, Director, Vault Study Startup, Veeva Systems

Catherine Deacon, Director, Finance Global Development and CEI, Takeda

Cynthia de Luise, PhD, Senior Director, Epidemiology, Worldwide Safety and Regulatory, Pfizer, Inc.

Vinay Dheer, Director, Global Development Systems, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Rob DiCicco, Principal Consultant, TransCelerate Biopharma, Inc.

Julie Dietrich, Director, Center for Design & Analysis, Amgen

Angela Dimitrova, MD, Senior Director, Feasibility Group Lead Rare Diseases, Study Optimization, Pfizer

Mary Dixon Drake, CEO & Founder, Innovenn

Hansu Dong, Director, Outsourcing, MedImmune

Ronald Dorenbos, PhD, Associate Director, Materials and Innovation, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Julie Dubourg, MD, Medical Director, Clinical Development, Poxel

Pam Duffy, IT Lead, Core Clinical Solutions & Services, Pfizer

Bhaskar Dutta, PhD, Principal Scientist, Advanced Analytics Center, AstraZeneca

Sylvia Eberhardt, Business Lead, Shared Investigator Platform and Investigator Registry, Hoffmann-La Roche

Michael Kelley Erb, PhD, Director, Digital Medicine, Early Clinical Development, Pfizer

Ivette Estay, PhD, Biomarker Operations Program Leader, Product Development Global Clinical Operations, Oncology, Genentech

Mark Evans, Managing Director, Faze - Havas Lynx

Paul Evans, formerly Corporate Vice President, Global Site Solutions, Parexel

Michelle Everill, Senior Director, Head of Global Feasibility, Janssen

Jane Fang, MD, Head of Research & Development Information for Clinical Biologics, Medimmune Biologics Science Unit of AstraZeneca

Trent Farmer, Contract Manager, Attorney, CSL Behring

David Fauvart, PMP, Associate Director, Janssen Clinical Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Rosalie Filling, Vice President, Clinical Operations, Endo Pharmaceuticals

Gerald Finken, CEO, Center Point

Michael Fites, Senior Feasibility Strategist, Global Clinical Trial Services, Bayer

Balazs Flink, MD, Head, Clinical Trial Analytics, Bristol-Meyers Squid

Emmanuel Fombu, MD, MBA, Director, Digital Health Solutions, Novartis

Eric Forsthoffer, Global VP, Business Development, Bioclinica

Emily Freeman, PhD, Director, Patient Centered Outcomes, HEOR, Abbvie

Charlotte French, Principal, CAF Consulting LLC; Former Executive Director, Portfolio Relationship & Sourcing Management, Medical and Development, Astellas

Christie Fry, Therapeutic Area Lead Oncology, Patient & Investigator Relations, AbbVie

David Fuehrer, CEO, GRYT Health

Laura Galuchie, Director, Global Clinical Trial Operations, Merck & Co., Inc.

Victoria Gamerman, PhD, Head, US Health Informatics & Analytics, Boehringer-Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc

Luis Garcia-Gancedo, PhD, Director, Clinical Sensors & Data Analytics, GSK

Madeline Geday, Associate Director, Patient Engagement & Diversity, Global Clinical Trial Operations

Kathy Goldstein, PharmD, Sr. Director, Head, Quality Management Lead, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Lorena Gomez, Director, Global Study Start Up & Essential Documents, Global Site Management Operations, Allergan

Melanie Goodwin, Director, Patient Recruitment Programs, Clinical Development & Operations, Global Product Development, Pfizer

Christian Gossens, PhD, MBA, Global Head Early Development Workflows, Research & Early Development Informatics, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd

Natalia Grassis, Vice President, Clinical Operations, Parexel

Jeff Greene, VP, Digital Strategy & Insights, Decision Resources Group

Sean Grullon, PhD, Machine Learning Data Scientist, Data Centre of Excellence, GSK

Amit Gulwadi, Senior Vice President, Clinical Innovations, Saama

Basker Gummadi, IT Strategy & Digital Transformation, Digital Innovation, Bayer U.S. LLC

Mary Hall Gregg, PhD, Vice President, Business Technology, Research & Development, Pfizer

Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Novartis

Adam Halbridge, Principal of Digital Health, PRA Health Sciences

Matt Harlin, Associate Director, Clinical Pharmacolgy, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies

Beth Harper, MBA, Workforce Innovation Officer, Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

Maria Harrison, Vice President, Real World Solutions, PRA Health Sciences

Tony Hebden, PhD, Vice President, Health Economics & Outcomes Research, AbbVie

Jennifer Heckman, Senior Director, Clinical Trial Logistics, Incyte

Ann Hegarty, Executive Director, GSMO, Head PLs, CRO Oversight & Ph I Site Management, Allergan

T. Hephner, Vice President, Patient Engagement, CRF Bracket

Kyle Hogan, Director, eClinical Solutions, Clinical Ink

Kyle Holen, MD, Head, Development Design Center, AbbVie

Kirstin Holzapfel, Head of Clinical Data Process Technology, Data Sciences & Analytics, Bayer AG

Kevin Hudziak, Consultant, Innovation Lead, Patient Experience and Design Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

Melissa Hurst, MSM, MBA, Clinical Outsourcing Manager, CSL Behring

Adama Ibrahim, Associate Director, Clinical Operations, Biogen

Edmund Jackson, PhD, Chief Data Scientist, Vice President, Clinical Services Group, HCA Healthcare

Pravin Jadhav, PhD, Senior Director, Innovation and Business Transformation, Corporate Projects, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Dev & Commercialization Inc.

Lisa Jarosek, Senior Data Architect, CfDA (Center for Design and Analysis), Amgen

Liping Jin, Data-Driven Recruitment Lead, Pharmaceutical Research & Early Development, Roche Innovation Center New York

Thérèse Johnsen, Associate Director, Patient Engagement Management, Novartis

Keith Jones, Director, Financial Planning and Analysis, Ovid Therapeutics

Hassan Kadhim, MBA, Senior Associate Director, Head, IT Clinical Trial Planning & Management, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kristijan Kahler, RPh, PhD, Head, Outcomes Evidence & Analytics, RWE & Digital, Global Medical Affairs, Novartis

Bill Karich, Strategic Business Operations, CSL Behring

Nechama Katan, Associate Director, Data Monitoring and Management, Clinical Sciences and Operations, Global Product Development, Pfizer

Nareen Katta, Director, Operations Analytics, Data Sciences, AbbVie

Ly Kawaguchi, Senior Director, DBO-Outsourcing, Site Budgets, and Business Analytics, MyoKardia, Inc.

Elise Kayson, Director, Clinical & Strategic Initiatives, University of Rochester, Center for Health & Technology (CHeT)

Helen Kellar-Wood, PhD, Associate Director, Oncology and Immunoscience Lead, Diversity & Patient Engagement, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Francis Kendall, Director Biostatistics & Programming, Cytel Inc

Pat Kenney, Director, Strategic Partnering, UCB Biosciences

John Kim, Senior Manager, Clinical Development & Operations Business Technology, Pfizer

Joseph Kim, MBA, Senior Advisor, Patient Experience and Design Innovation, Eli Lilly

Allen Kindman, MD, Vice President, Clinical Planning and Analytics, IQVIA

Brett Kleger, Chief Commercial Officer, DrugDev, An IQVIA Company

Todd Kole, RPh, Vice President, Clinical Project Services, Almac Clinical Technologies

Bari Kowal, Vice President, Global Head of Clinical Project Management and Operations, Regeneron

Jim Kremidas, Executive Director, Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)

Sheri Kuss, Director, Clinical Quality Management, Pfizer

Mary Jo Lamberti, PhD, Professor, Associate Director, Sponsored Research, Tufts CSDD

Alyssa Lanzi, MS, University of South Florida, Ambassador & Researcher, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

Jake LaPorte, PhD, Vice President, Global Head, Digital Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Jason LaRoche, Clinical Innovation Leader, Janssen Research & Development

Andy Lawton, Director & Consultant, Risk Based Approach Ltd.

Hugh Levaux, PhD, Founder and CEO, Protocol First

Jeff Lee, President, eCOA & Patient Engagement, Bracket

David Leventhanl, Director, Clinical Innovation, Global Product Development, Pfizer

Tine Lewi, PhD, MBA, Scientific Director, Janssen R&D/Clinical Innovation

Holger Liebig, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships, PAREXEL

Alexander Lituev, MD, Practice Leader, Biorepository Head, Kaiser Permanente Research Bank

Ankit Lodha, MS, MBA, Associate Director, Clinical Analytics & Innovation, Global Development Operations, Shire, part of Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Robert Loll, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning, Praxis Communications, LLC

Charles Liu, Senior Product Manager, Cytel

Robert Loll, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning, Praxis Communications, LLC

Kelly Loughner, Senior Associate Director, Site Enablement, Boehringer Ingelheim

Charles Makin, Vice President and Global Head, RWE & Late Phase Research, Icon

John Makowski, Head, Clinical Operations, Audentes Therapeutics

Marcin Makowski, Head, Risk Based Monitoring & Standards, UCB

Marina Malikova, PhD, Executive Director, Research, Boston University

Kathleen Mandziuk, Vice President, Patient Strategy, PRA Health Sciences

Martin Marciniak, PhD, Vice President, US Medical Affairs, Customer Engagement, Value, Evidence & Outcomes, GSK

David Martin, MD, MPH, Associate Director, Real World Evidence Analytics, Office of Medical Policy, US FDA Center for Drug Evaluation & Research

Angie Maurer, RN, MBA, Clinical Quality & Risk Management Consultant, GRAIL, Inc.

Stuart McCully, PhD, Vice President, Regulatory Advisory Services, Syneos Health

Amy McCormick, Innovation Lead, Patient Experience and Design Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

Kelly McKee, Head, Patient Recruitment, Vertex; Co-Creator of the SCOPE Participant Engagement Award

Brenda Medina, Director, Development Science Business Operations, BioMarin

Dmitri Mikhailov, PhD, Biomarker Development, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Inc.

Matt Miller, President, Co-Founder, StudyKIK

Lisa Moneymaker, CTMS Process Architect, Amgen

David Morin, Director, Research, Holston Medical Group

Matthew Moyer, Director, Clinical Supply Technology, Merck

Mary Murray, Associate Director, Oncology Lead, Diversity & Patient Engagement, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Leigh Anne Naas, Community Manager, Patient Experience and Design Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

Ramzi Najm, Senior Associate, Waife & Associates

Amy Neubauer, Associate Director, Data Management, Alkermes, Inc.

David Nickerson, ‎Head of Clinical Quality Management, EMD Serono

Brian Nugent, Senior Director, Clinical Compliance, GRAIL, Inc.

Erin O’Boyle, Senior Director, Clinical Contracts and Outsourcing, FibroGen, Inc.

Chris O'Brien, MBA, Vice President, myHealthTeams; Board Member, MHE Research Foundation

Faye O’Brien, Director, Metrics and Performance, GMD, AstraZeneca

Niall O'Connor, Chief Technology Officer, Genospace (Sarah Cannon, the Cancer Institute of HCA Healthcare)

Richard O’Hara, Associate Director, Clinical Outsourcing, Endo Pharmaceuticals

Carlos Orantes, CEO, Accel Research Sites

Oriol Serra Ortiz, MBA, Senior Director, Head Site Intelligence & Selection, Study Optimization, Clinical Development & Operations, Pfizer

Kevin Ott, Clinical Operations Data Analyst, Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Jon Paras, Senior Manager, Electronic Trials Operations, Amgen

Kinjal Patel, Senior Study Manager, Research & Development, Bayer

Anita Pascarella Cole, Consultant, LRL Sourcing, Eli Lilly and Company

Rajneesh Patil, MBA, Global Head, Process Design and Analytics, Clinical Operations, IQVIA

Gisele Paule, Contract Coordinator, Clinical Planning & Resource Management, Abbott Nutrition

Morten Thorup Pedersen, Risk Based Monitoring Specialist, Centralised Monitoring Unit, Clinical Systems, Data & Trial Management, Novo Nordisk A/S

Pamela Penman, CTMS Business Development, BSI Business Systems Integration AG

Jeewa Perera, CEO, Champ IT Solutions

JoAnn Pfeiffer, DrSC, Director, Clinical Research Management, Arizona State University

Claire Sears, Director, Product Communications, IQVIA Technologies

David Posselt, Director, Global Contract Management - Drug Development Operations, Allergan

Mal Postings, Vice President, Head, Innovation/Emerging Technologies & Chief Architect Research & Development Solutions, IQVIA

Gian Prakash, Assistant Director, Data and Statistical Sciences, Abbvie

Jane Quigley, Senior Vice President, Medical Informatics, PRA Health Sciences

Marisa Rackley, Director, Clinical Development Execution, Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Angela Radcliffe, Advisor, Strategic Programs, Hu-manity.co

Sundaram Ramakrishnan, Venture Leader, Life Sciences, Cognizant

Ratan Ratnesh, Director & Head, Clinical Outsourcing, Otsuka

Melissa Rawley-Payne, Executive Director, Biospecimen Operations, Celgene

Brion Regan, Director, Product Management, ERT

Debra Reinhard, Head, Translational Medicine Enabling Solutions, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Alexa Richie, DHSc, Research Operations Manager, Research Administration, Mayo Clinic

Andrew Rohrbaugh, Director, Client Delivery, Cenduit

Sharin Roth, Director, Bioanalysis, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Development & Commercialization, Inc.

Josh Rose, Vice President, Global Head, Strategy, Research and Development Solutions, IQVIA

Anthony Rowe, PhD, Director, Business Technology Leader, R&D IT, Janssen R&D

Jonathan Rowe, PhD, Executive Director, Head of Clinical Development Quality Performance and Risk Management, Pfizer

Thorsten Ruppert, MD, Senior Manager, Research, Development and Innovation, Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (vfa)

Kavita Sail, PhD, Associate Director, Health Economics and Outcomes Research, AbbVie

David Sall, President & CEO, Patient Enrollment Advisors; Co-Creator of the SCOPE Participant Engagement Award

Malaikannan Sankarasubbu, Vice President, AI Research, Saama Technologies

Maryanne Santilli, Director, North America Clinical Finance & Operations, Novo Nordisk

Anamika Sarkar, PhD, Manager, Global Development Systems, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Richard Scaife, Chair, Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group (PCMG)

Doug Schantz, Executive Director, Clinical Operations, AstraZeneca

Steve Schwager, Professor Emeritus, Cornell University

Mark Scullion, Executive Vice President, Strategic Resourcing, Clinical Solutions, Syneos Health

Claire Sears, Director, Product Communications, IQVIA Technologies

Bella Sessoms, MPH, Director, Portfolio Sourcing Management, Portfolio Sourcing and Relationship Management, Astellas Pharma Global Development

Jyoti Shah, Associate Director, Data Development, Merck

T.J. Sharpe, Patient Advisor, Starfish Harbor, LLC

Michelle Shogren, Head, Innovation, Portfolio and Operations, Pharma Development, Bayer

Scarlet Shore, Product Manager & Platform Lead, Project Baseline, Verily

Sandra Shpilberg, MBA, President & Founder, Seeker Health

Greg Silvesti, Head, Digital Health & Innovation, AbbVie

Joachim Silber, Scientific Director of Operations, Precision Pathology Biobanking Center, MSKCC

Adam Simmons, Clinical Program Manager, Alkermes

Catherine Sinclair, Manager, Quality and Capability, Risk Based Monitoring and Data Digital Analytics, GlaxoSmithKline, Inc.

Cassandra Smith, MBA, Associate Director, Investigator and Patient Engagement, Janssen

Kelly Smith, CCRP, Senior Solutions Consultant, Bio-Optronics

Kevin Smith, Vice President, Technology & Data Solutions, Eurofins Central Laboratory

Sandra Smyth, Director, Central Feasibility and Recruitment Group, AstraZeneca

Maura Snyder, MBA, Director, Patient Engagement Strategy & Portfolio, Janssen

Antonieta Sosa, MSc, Director, Clinical Innovation, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies

William Spalding, MS, Director, Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research-Epidemiology, Shire

Michael Sparozic, RPh, Lead Trial Supply Operations Manager, Clinical Supplies Chain Operations, Distribution, Sanofi

Nina Spiller, Vice President, Clinical Management, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies

Michael Stadler, CEO & Co-Founder, Clariness

Deepa Subramanian, Senior Manager, Development Information Systems, Amgen

Anand Subramony, PhD, Vice President, New Product Technologies, MedImmune

Linda Sullivan, Co-Founder & President, Metrics Champion Consortium LLC

Michael Tanen, MBA, Director, Clinical Biomarker Specimen Management, Merck Research Laboratories

Shawn Tedman, MBA, Head, Trial Optimization Offerings, Clinical Trial Optimization Solutions, IQVIA

Michele Teufel, Patient Engagement Lead, Clinical Operations, AstraZeneca

Piet Theisohn, Director, Resource Management, R&D - Portfolio & Operations, Bayer Pharma

David Thompson, PhD, Senior Vice President, Real World Evidence Advisory, Syneos Health

Jens Thuesen, CTMS Business Development, BSI Business Systems Integration AG

Aman Thukral, Assistant Director, DSS, AbbVie

Marija Todorovic, MSc Pharm, Hospital Engagement Lead/Data Sciences, Janssen R&D/Clinical Innovation

Mary-Anne Tomas, Director, Site Intelligence & Selection, Study Optimization, Pfizer Inc.

Jennifer Trevor, PhD, Senior Portfolio Sourcing Manager, Portfolio Sourcing and Relationship Management, Astellas Pharma

Caoimhe Vallely-Gilroy, Director, Global Head, Clinical Trials Biosample Management, Global Clinical Operations, Merck KGaA

Ronald Waife, MPH, President, Waife & Associates, Inc.

Ken Walsh, Operations Planning and Analysis Lead, R&D Clinical Development, CSL Behring

Jian Wang, PhD, CEO, BioFortis

Xia Wang, PhD, Director, Health Informatics & Global Medicines Development, AstraZeneca

Chris Watson, PhD, Director, Product Strategy, eCOA, Product Management, ERT

Neil Weisman, Executive Vice President, Continuum Clinical

Lynn Wetherwax, BS, Senior Manager, Translational Sciences Operations, Biobank, Amgen

Ashley Williams, Associate Director, Global Clinical Operations, Biogen

Ronald Williams, CEO, Business Evolution (BE)

Stuart Williams, Impact Ecosystems Architect, Inplace Impact

Cara Woodruff, Trial Optimization Product Manager, Clinical Trial Optimization Solutions, IQVIA

Alana Wriggins, Head, Site Management, Allergan

Songlin Xue, MD, PhD, Executive Vice President, Head, Global Pharmacovigilance, Astellas

Brenda Yanak, Global Head, Specimen Strategy and Innovation, Q2 Solutions a Quintiles Quest Joint Venture

Stephen Yates, Clinical Program Director, UCB

John Yonchuk, Manager, Digital Clinical Trials, GlaxoSmithKline

Richard Young, Vice President, Vault EDC, Veeva Systems

Beth Zaharoff, Senior Director, Patient Focused Engagement and Partnerships, TESARO

Sean Zhao, PhD, Head, US Patient Safety Surveillance, US Medical Affairs, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Inc


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Christine K. Pierre
September 8, 1958 - October 23, 2018

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