Biomarkers & Biospecimens

Biomarker Technology and Innovation

Biospecimen Operations and Vendor Partnerships

The rise of precision medicine has fueled a dramatic increase in biomarker-driven clinical trials requiring new processes and technologies for biospecimen collection and management. The Biomarkers & Biospecimens track brings together biospecimen and image/digital biomarker management leaders to share best practices to effectively navigate the complex operational requirements of biomarker-driven clinical trials. Part A: Clinical Biomarkers Operations & Innovation outlines critical policy, regulatory, privacy, consent, and governance considerations to guide frameworks and policies for operating biomarker-driven trials. Part B: Clinical Biospecimens Technology & Outsourcing explores the latest advancements in biospecimen collection technologies, patient-centric operational approaches, and IT solutions to deliver high-quality biological specimens, laboratory access, and diagnostics services necessary for biomarker-driven clinical trials.

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