Sponsorship, Exhibits and Lead Generation

CHI offers sponsorships which will maximize your exposure before, during and after each event. We can help you achieve your goals by customizing a package that meets with your objectives and provide you with an integrated marketing program for the entire year. Opportunities include but are not limited to exhibits, presentations, branding, targeted delegate dinners and webinars utilizing our extensive database of over 800,000 Life Sciences professionals.

Event Features
  • 20% Attendance increase each of the last two years
  • 1,700+ Clinical Ops Professionals
  • 76% Biotech/CRO/Pharma
  • 57% of Delegates Titled as Executives/Directors
  • 180+ Industry-Leading Sponsors & Exhibitors
2018 Attendee Demographics

Event Marketing

Conference Brochures Mailed: 55,000+
Email Campaigns: 50+
Fax Campaigns: 20+
Weekly Social Media Campaigns: LinkedIn and Twitter
Total Impressions: 3 Million (Not Unique)

Key Deadlines

Preliminary Web-Based Agenda – Tuesday, July 17

Final Brochure Deadline | Tuesday, August 28
Your company logo and talk information within the final brochure, promoted heavily through email and mail directly to 55,000+ prospective delegates

Program Guide Deadline | TBA
Promotion via email, fax, social media and the event website, resulting in over 3 MILLION impressions in total!

For partnering and sponsorship information, (Companies A-O) contact:

IlanaIlana Quigley
Sr. Manager, Business Development
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 781.972.5457
E: iquigley@healthtech.com

For partnering and sponsorship information, (Companies P-Z) contact:

Patty Rose
Sr. Manager, Business Development
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 781.972.1349
E: prose@healthtech.com