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SCOPE Partnering: Venture, Innovation, and Partnering Summit
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What to Expect
Partnering OpporutnitiesJoin us for an exclusive gathering of the leading innovators, investors, and sponsors who are driving the future of clinical trials.

Through lively panel discussions and lots of time for networking, we plan to explore topics that are critical to advancing clinical trials over the next decade:

  • Where are investors putting their investment and what are the exciting technologies?
  • What are the main themes that each investor is following?
  • Which of the technologies are priority for each investor type?
  • For strategics, how do they approach partnering with investors?
  • How are we dealing with Valuations in today’s market?
  • What value do new clinical trial approaches, including DCT, bring to the broader ecosystem?
  • Bridging the chasm of research and care: how is the landscape evolving for investors and start-ups?
  • How are CEOs of innovative companies overcoming hurdles to fundraising, pilots, and scaling?
  • Tracing investments in interoperability, synthetic control arms, and digital biomarkers
  • Can we shorten the long arc of investing in the clinical trial space?

Meet Our Co-Chairs

Jessica J. Federer

Jessica J. Federer
Managing Partner
Supernode Ventures

Jodi J. Akin

Jodi J. Akin
Hawthorne Effect, Inc.

Konstantina Katcheves

Konstantina Katcheves
Senior Vice President
Business Development
Bristol Myers Squibb

Featured Speakers

SCOPE Venture, Innovation, & Partnering Conference will take place in conjunction with the 14th annual SCOPE Summit (Summit for Clinical Ops Executives). We are excited to add this new conference to an already established and successful event of over 2,300 leaders in clinical operations and research. The Venture, Innovation, & Partnering Conference aims to bring together C-level executives from investment firms that support innovation in the clinical trial process, strategics from pharmaceutical and leading CROs, both venture and corporate arms who have a vested interested in driving this innovation, and also CEOs and innovators from industry, driving the technology in this space. This unique combination of events offers the opportunity to participate in a venture and partnering event featuring a very exciting and emerging tech space, while also offering the chance to visit the exhibit hall and meet companies and get a sense of where this industry is going.


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Panel Discussions
1-on-1 Networking
Meals and Reception

Key Contacts

Partnering and sponsorship

Edel O’Regan Ph.D.

Edel O’Regan Ph.D.
Vice President, Production
(+1) 781-697-0586

Partnering and sponsorship

Kristin Skahan

Kristin Skahan
Business Development Manager
(+1) 781-972-5431