Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th Annual

Patient Engagement, Enrollment and Retention through Communities and Technology

Patient Centric Approaches to Optimize Clinical Trials and Participant Engagement

February 20-21, 2019

Enrollment planning, patient recruitment and a more patient-centric approach to study planning and execution are critical to drug development programs and garner a lot of attention by study teams. However, once the hard work of identifying and recruiting a trial subject has been accomplished they must be retained and remain in compliance. Retention of patients throughout the life of a clinical trial is essential to have complete data sets for your analysis and subsequent filings. There are strategies, tools and data-driven techniques such as social media platforms and mobile technology, empowered patient communities, and a more informed patient population that need to be understood and engaged. CHI’s 6th Annual “Patient Engagement, Enrollment and Retention through Communities and Technology” will cover the topics one should consider when planning and strategically implementing a patient retention plan in the digital age.

Final Agenda

Arrive early and attend Part 1 (Tues-Wed): Enrollment Planning and Patient Recruitment

Wednesday, February 20

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12:30 pm BRIDGING LUNCHEON PRESENTATION: Leveraging Analytics and the Patient Voice to Optimize Patient Recruitment & Retention Campaigns

Loll_RobertRobert Loll, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning, Praxis Communications, LLC

As the world becomes more and more digital, it is important to tap into the endless amounts of data and conversations being shared on the Internet to glean patient insights and understanding. As we have lunch, we’ll explore case studies and discuss how our industry can utilize data and analytics to craft and optimize efficient and effective patient-centric enrollment campaigns.

1:10 Coffee and Dessert Break in the Exhibit Hall

2:10 Plenary Keynotes

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4:05 Chairperson’s Remarks

Robert Loll, Senior Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning, Praxis Communications, LLC

4:10 CO-PRESENTATION: From Patient Voices to Real Solutions - Industry Examples Guided by Online Patient Interactions

Hudziak_KevinKevin Hudziak, Consultant, Innovation Lead, Patient Experience and Design Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

Naas_LeighAnneLeigh Anne Naas, Community Manager, Patient Experience and Design Innovation, Eli Lilly & Co.

Lilly maintains an active social media presence with @LillyTrials to ensure we are continually engaging with and listening to patients and caregivers to gain insights into the clinical trial journey. We will provide real world examples of how we have converted those insights into actions. These actions are centered around the Lilly TrialGuide ecosystem.

4:40 CASE STUDY: Insights from the Introduction of a Patient App to Improve Clinical Trial Engagement and Retention

Fry_ChristieChristie Fry, Therapeutic Area Lead Oncology, Patient & Investigator Relations, AbbVie

AbbVie introduced a pilot program for patient apps to improve compliance and retention in a few clinical trials. From this pilot program, we learned how an app can help and where we need to improve in the development of future apps. I will present real data from our experience which led to important insights. These will be helpful for others that are considering apps for use in clinical trials.

5:10 Talk Title to be Announced

Harrison_MariaMaria Harrison, Vice President, Real World Solutions, PRA Health Sciences

5:40 Creating a Platform to Connect Directly with Patients Now and in the Future

Snyder_MauraMaura Snyder, MBA, Director, Patient Engagement Strategy & Portfolio, Janssen

More than 90% of study participants never learn about study-specific results and recent data show 81% of patients want their own data and results above all other information. There is an opportunity to create a direct interface between the patient and sponsor to stay connected and share information. This interface also empowers patients by providing access to data, information, research opportunities to create engagement and a long-term partnership build on transparency, trust and awareness.

6:107:10 Networking Reception (Sponsorship Opportunity Available) or Close of Day

Thursday, February 21

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7:45 BREAKFAST PRESENTATION (Sponsorship Opportunity Available) or Morning Coffee

8:15 Session Break


8:20 Chairperson’s Remarks

Michael Stadler, CEO & Co-Founder, Clariness

8:25 Incorporating the Patient Voice into Drug Development & Gaining Buy-In from Leadership on Patient-Centricity Efforts

Zaharoff_BethBeth Zaharoff, Senior Director, Patient Focused Engagement and Partnerships, TESARO

Engaging patients – people who know what it’s like to live with the diseases that our protocols hope to enroll – can help to improve study feasibility, enhance convenience, create greater relevance and build commitment. This presentation will share how our Clinical Operations department made changes to incorporate the patient voice into the work that we do. Equally important, the presentation will share strategies for gaining support from senior leadership. The audience will have concrete examples to take back to their organizations.

8:55 Virtual Trials & Remote Trials: Efficiencies and Challenges

Sosa_AntonietaAntonieta Sosa, Director, Clinical Innovation, Janssen

The concept of virtual (site-less) and remote trials may seem like an efficient method to conducting a clinical trial, and in many ways, it is. There are however, many internal challenges we face as sponsors to discuss and address. Given that we continue facing challenges with recruitment and enrollment, site activations, etc., discussions around novel trial conduct is essential.

9:25 CO-PRESENTATION: Applying a Consistent Patient-Centered Framework for Patient Insight and Engagement Tools

Teufel_MicheleMichele Teufel, Patient Engagement Lead, Clinical Operations, AstraZeneca

Smyth_SandraSandra Smyth, Director, Central Feasibility and Recruitment Group, AstraZeneca

This presentation will review a consistent Patient-Centered Framework and offer a discussion on various patient insight sources to inform protocol design. In addition to learning about protocol design this insight is used to shape the patient engagement tools for support during the conduct of study. Discussion will include an analysis of the insights used and the impact on the conduct of studies.

9:55 Presentation to be Announced

10:25 Networking Coffee Break (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)


11:10 Chairperson’s Remarks

Chairperson to be Announced

11:15 iSTEP: First of Its Kind Smart Trial and Engagement Program Implemented in Janssen Clinical Trials

LaRoche_JasonJason LaRoche, Clinical Innovation Leader, Janssen Research & Development

This talk will share a flexible platform designed to accommodate the unique needs and complexities of individual studies with the core features of patient app, kit tracking and smart packages. We will share preliminary results of a first Phase II study with Alzheimer’s patients, and discuss the benefits experienced in the first in-clinic use of a novel smart trial and engagement platform. The sharing of lessons learned from this first in-clinic experience will provide valuable guidance in how to approach patient engagement with novel technologies.

11:45 Proven Digital Enrollment Programs for Serious Diseases

Shpilberg_SandraSandra Shpilberg, MBA, CEO, Seeker Health

Finding participants for clinical studies in serious diseases, such as rare diseases or oncology, can be akin to finding needles in a haystack. Given that patients have transitioned online to seek disease, drug and clinical trial information, those needled haystacks are now online. This session will provide the participants with an advanced understanding of how to use social and digital technologies to master patient engagement and accelerate drug development for medicines for serious diseases.

12:00 pm Working Together to Understand the Needs of Patients

Evans_Mark_RCT2Mark Evans, Managing Director, Faze - Havas Lynx

Clinical trials are complex, difficult experiences involving uncertainty, uncomfortable procedures, multiple stakeholders, agencies, vendors and healthcare professionals. How often do we work together as a group to create a connected solution? Is there a better model for collaboration to benefit our studies and our patients?

12:15 Transition to Shared Sessions


Chairperson’s Remarks (continued from morning session)

Chairperson to be Announced

12:20 CASE STUDY: Topic to be Announced

Shelly Barnes, Patient Experience and Implementation Lead, UCB

This abstract will be posted soon.

12:50 INTERACTIVE PANEL: Moving from Technology Indigestion to Workable Solutions

Vulcano_DavidModerator: David Vulcano, MBA, Vice President, Research Compliance & Development, HCA

Abbott_StephanieStephanie Abbott, PharmD, Clinical Research Program Director, Western Washington Medical Group

Perera_JeewaJeewa Perera, CEO, Champ IT Solutions

Yanak_BrendaBrenda Yanak, Former Global Head, Specimen Strategy and Innovation, Q2 Solutions a Quintiles Quest Joint Venture; Former Precision Medicine Lead, Pfizer

Moyer_MattMatt Moyer, MBA, Director, Clinical Supply Technology, Merck

Multiple technologies are advancing healthcare delivery each and every day. This not only pertains to better utilizing both data at rest and data in motion, but also pertains to communication technologies breaking down the traditional boundaries of medicine. As clinical trial site operations are often dwarfed by the larger healthcare delivery ecosystem, how can pharma leverage that already-developing ecosystem so that they don’t have to recreate the wheel?

  • What technologies are out there right now that are underutilized by pharma in clinical trials?
  • What regulatory or operational issues need to be either “myth busted” or challenged to make this happen?

1:20 Transition to Lunch

1:25 LUNCHEON PRESENTATION (Sponsorship Opportunity Available)

1:55 Closing Remarks

2:00 SCOPE Summit 2019 Adjourns

Arrive early and attend Part 1 (Tues-Wed): Enrollment Planning and Patient Recruitment


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Emmanuel Fombu, MD,
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